1 Alexa SXT Camera with Electronic viewfinder  and High Speed license up to 120 fps

1 Alexa shoulder pad

2 Arri BP 12 Dovetail Sliding Baseplate

1 Arri BP12  19mm dovetail bridge plate adapter

1 Plus 8 design 15mm dovetail bridge plate adapter

1 Arri BPOA - 1 mounting block

1 Arri WA-1 Alexa wedgeplate

1 Arri LB -1 Alexa Leveling block

1 Alexa EVF Eyepiece Extension

1 EL3 Eyepiece Level

1 Alexa EVF cable (short)

1 Alexa EVF cable (medium)

1 12V Alexa AKS cable

1 Alexa Audio cable 5 pin XLR male to 3 pin XLR female

1 Alexa Audio Dbox 5 pin XLR male to 3 pin XLR female

1 Alexa Ethernet cable

1 Candreva Cinetape adapter

1 Candreva cold shoe adapter

1 Sony Quick release ENG style plate

1 strap on shoulder pad

1 AC Power Supply

1 XLR 3 pin to Fischer 2 pin  Alexa power cable 10'

1 XLR 3 pin to Fischer 2 pin  Alexa power cable 10’




2 256 GB Cfast Cards

2 Alexa SD cards

1 Lexar 2.0 USB 3 / Thunderbolt Cfast card reader



Prime Lenses

Cooke Mini S-4 25mm

Cooke Mini S-4 32mm

Cooke Mini S-4 50mm

 Cooke Mini S-4 75mm

Cooke Mini S-4 100mm

1 180mm T/2.8 Zeiss Jena MC Sonnar Lens

Macro Kilar 90mm

Macro Kilar 300mm

Arsat 250mm



Zoom Lenses

1 11-16 T/2.8 Duclos ultra wide zoom

1 16 - 42mm T/2.8 Angineux Optimo

1 30 - 80mm T/2.8 Angineux Optimo

1 20 - 120mm T/2.9 Angineux zoom lens

1 VOCAS 15mm Rod zoom Lens Support




6 4x5.6 filter set Schneider Platinum IRND N3-N6-N9-N1.2-N1.5-N1.8 N2.1

3 5.65x5.65 filter set ND Grad Soft Edge Set N3 N6 N9

 3 5.65x5.65 filter set ND Grad Hard Edge Set N3 N6 N9

3 4x5.6 filter set Schneider Low Con 1/8,1/4, 1/2

3 4x5.6 filter set Black Magic 1/8,1/4, 1/2

3 4x5.6 filter set Coral 1/8,1/4, 1/2

 3 4x5.6 filter set Classic Soft 1/8,1/4, 1/2

1 5.65x5.65 2mm Blue Streak

1 4x5.6 Tiffen Pola

1 4x5.6 Schneider True Pola

1 4x5.6 Truevision  Rota Pola

1 138MM Pola

1 4x5.6 Optical Flat

3 4x5.6 Supersoft Gold Diffusion set

1 4x5.6 Blue screen 1/2 Diffusion

1 4x5.6  1/2 Glimmerglass

1 4x5.6 1 Glimmerglass

1 x 4.5 Smoque



Matte Box and Follow Focus

Tilta MB 12 Light weight clip on Matte box

3 4x5.65 filter holders
Top  flag

80mm /95mm / 114mm /134mm adaptor rings
Hard Matte 16-20mm

Hard Matte 24-28mm

Hard Matte 32-35mm

Hard Matte 50 - 85mm

Hard Matte 85-180mm

15mm rod adapter

Arri style MB 4 lightweight clip on Mattebox

Arri MB 20 II Mattebox

15mm Studio Bridge

19mm Studio Bridge

15mm LWS Bridge

3 4x5.65 Filter Frame

2 5.65x5.65 Filter Frame

Hard Matte 16mm

Hard Matte 25mm

Hard Matte 32mm

Hard Matte 40mm

Hard Matte 50mm

Top Flag

Right Flag

Left Flag

Oconnor CFF1 Follow Focus ID-0062

Oconnor Hand Wheel

Oconnor LWS Bridge 15mm

Oconnor LWS Bridge 19mm

Speed Crank

Focus Whip

1 set of 13" 19mm carbon lens rods

1 set of 17. 25" 15mm carbon lens rods

1 set of 9" 15mm carbon lens rods

1 set of 6" 15mm carbon lens rods



On board Monitor

TV Logic Monitor 5.6" Monitor S/N-VF056K3399   (110714-02-15)

Cine Arms Monitor Holder  ID-0045




6 On Board Battery 150 Watt Hour w/Charger

1 Anton Bauer QR-HOTSWAPGM Hot-Swap Battery Plate - for Anton Bauer Gold Mounts



Camera Support

Oconnor 2065 Fluid Head  ID-0035 S/N-C1236-110499

Mitchel Tie Down

Oconnor Standard Length Pan Handle

Oconnor Euro Plate

Oconnor Quick Release Plate ID-0062

Ronford-Baker Standard Mitchell Sticks S/N-6010800

Ronford Baker Baby Mitchell Sticks S/N-6010803

Ronford-Baker Spreader S/N-112043

 Ronford-Baker Ruberized Tips

Mitchel Low-hat ID-0092

Mitchel Hi-Hat ID-0093

Tilta/ Ikan Spider Hand held grip set



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